Client Reviews

Michigan Resident with Car Accident in Florida

I struggled with injuries related to an out-of-state auto accident for over 18 months until I finally found a surgeon willing to listen to me and my symptoms: diagnosis 2 broken vertebrea and crushed disc amongst other internal injuries. With that diagnosis in-hand, I decided it was time to hire an attorney. Michael was recommended by a local attorney for his expertise in dealing with both Michigan and Florida injury suits. He was very open up-front about the potential journey that may be the result of filing an out-of-state claim and how long it could take. Fortunately, he was able to effectively negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company armed with the diagnosis and details of the circumstances and was able to settle for the full covered amount in only a few months! He is now working on settlements for my family members also impacted in the same accident. Would highly recommend him!

- (5 star review)

Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death

Just wanted to tell you  and the team thank you.  It has been a pleasure working with you.   May God continue  to bless all of you through  your good work in fighting  for justice.  THANK YOU again.

Bicycle Collision Settled for Policy Limits

Being turned down by many many lawyers I search the web and found DIALAW.NET. They took all my questions and told me they could help me when no others would. They explained in detail, always had time to answer our questions. Got to all the facts in the case. Now we have someone on our side. they took on the case and won for full policy limit. Thank you so much!


- (5 star review)

Prescription Misfill

Prior to taking my case Mr. Heilmann carefully reviewed the facts of my case. Other lawyers had turned my case down. I received the wrong medication from a mail order pharmacy. He convinced my therapist to submit evidence of the injuries which was crucial, and therapists are very hesitant to get involved. A huge plus was his experience with the same pharmacy from a previous suit. Mr. Heilmann is licensed to practice law in the state I live, as well as the state the mail pharmacy is located. He told me at the outset he never takes a case he doesn’t think he can win. He told me what to expect in the deposition I gave and kept me abreast of the status during the three year case. He always returned my calls in a timely fashion and gave me a realistic idea of what I could expect at the conclusion of the case which turned out to be exactly the amount he predicted. In addition to receiving the money he obtained for me, he’s also a very nice man and it was a pleasure getting to know him

- (5 star review)

“After 30 years and thousands of cases, there is just one attorney that I recommend to my clients; Michael Heilmann”

(The last auto injury case referred received a $2,000,000 case evaluation in Wayne County)


“When we referred Ms. C to your office, she called us back after speaking to you and told us how kind you were to her”.

(This podiatry malpractice case settled promptly after filing suit.)


“If I have a Downriver area auto accident case, I only call Michael Heilmann”

(Policy limits paid immediately after filing suit on a Wrongful Death referral)