Verdicts, Settlements, & Mediation Awards

Man vs. Bicycle $1.6 Million

A Michigan man touring the State of Florida on his bicycle was struck by a commercial truck in the course of business, severely injuring the man. A confidential settlement was reached with the responsible parties that will provide a lifetime of compensation for our client. The case was referred to our office by a skilled defense attorney who was familiar with Michael Heilmann’s trial expertise in Florida.

Gauci, et al vs. Florida Strawberry Festival $5 Million

A 7-year-old Tampa girl and a 53-year-old St. Petersburg woman who were sickened from an E. coli outbreak at a petting zoo settled their lawsuits against the Florida Strawberry Festival. The girl, who was 5 at the time, had bouts of diarrhea one weekend. Her condition quickly worsened, her stool turned bloody and she was admitted to a hospital, where she underwent more than a week of dialysis. She also had other complications and was near death. The child and two others shared in the global settlement that was reached.

Premature Birth from Listeria Tainted Cheese

A baby boy was infected by soft cheese contaminated by listeria bacteria. His premature birth and subsequent tragic death was the subject of a pre-suit claim against the Michigan manufacturer brought on behalf of his family by DIALAW.NET. The reputation of Michael G. Heilmann in pursuing food borne illness brought a quick settlement for the family.

Black Forest Cakes & Pastries

The Macomb County Health Department (MCHD) and Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) investigated a Salmonella outbreak associated with Black Forest Cakes & Pastries shop in Macomb, Michigan. MCHD’s investigation into the outbreak established that the illness was associated with consumption of cannolis made at the bakery. Michael Heilmann represented 30 victims of the outbreak and was the only attorney to go to Trial on behalf of a client and obtained a verdict against the Defendant in Mount Clemens Michigan.

Collins v Anthony Giordano, D.P.M

A Michigan Podiatrist cut a bone that was not in the operating field in foot surgery. Pre-trial negotiations did not result in a settlement, and Michael Heilmann took the matter before an Oakland County jury. After deliberating, the jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of plaintiff Alice Collins for $27,000 in economic damages, $25,000 in non-economic damages, and $63,000 in future non-economic damages. Defendants appealed all the way to the Supreme Court which upheld the verdict of DIALAW.NET.

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